Trigger Point Dry Needling: An Evidence and Clinical-Based Approach by Jan Dommerholt and Cesar Fernández-de-las-Peñas

The first part of the textbook discusses current aspects of myofascial pain provoked by myofascial trigger points and the relevance of muscle pain to different musculoskeletal chronic pain conditions. The introductory 

section includes a comprehensive review of myofascial pain, the neurophysiological mechanisms of dry needling, fascial aspects of needling therapies, and safety guidelines of dry needling.

The second and main part of the textbook is focused on clinical applications of deep dry needling targeted at inactivating myofascial trigger points located in muscles from the head and neck to the feet. This part is a unique feature, as no previous text has covered the application of deep dry needling of myofascial trigger points from a clinical point of view.

The third part of the textbook includes other needling approaches—superficial dry needling, Western medical acupuncture, Intramuscular Stimulation, and Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling—which may be applied to myofascial trigger points or other painful locations.


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