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ON-Point Dry Needling (OPDN)

ON-Point Dry Needling program provides 20 CEU’s from NUHS. The program is open to all practitioners (DC, PT, MHT, MD, NPc, Pac, OT,)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Open to all licensed health care practitioners whose scope of practice permits the use of dry needling.
  • All participants must sign consent forms permitting the other participants to practice and perform dry needling on them and permitting the instructor to demonstrate dry needling on them.
  • All participants must provide proof of adequate malpractice insurance.
  • All participants must sign a waiver absolving the instructor and accrediting NUHS as well as any state organizations of any liability in the event of injury.
  • All participants must be prepared to dress down to shorts, and women should wear bras with rear closures to facilitate hands-on practice as part of the training. 


Dry needling is becoming a common method of treating various adverse presentations of patients with neuromusculoskeletal pain syndromes as well as functional tissue adaptations (with or without pain) utilized primarily within the physical therapy arena. Fortunately for us the blueprints of the muscle/fascia and related tissue structures are the same for all people, be they an athlete or a blue-collar worker or a senior citizen. Chiropractors and Physical Therapists have the education and extended training to become masters of the dry needling procedure, from an anatomical and technical skill perspective as well as the understanding of foundational concepts of the pain and neurological concepts on which it is based. DRY NEEDLING (and the needle) belongs not to any one profession or discipline, but to the qualified practitioner (State rules apply) as an adjunctive procedure from which there can be a very positive outcome for patient(s) with resistant, uncomplicated neuromusculskeletal pain syndromes and related structural adaptations and dysfunctions.

SEATING is LIMITED for better conversation, observation and satisfaction.


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ON-Point Dry Needling Courses

I offer qualified healthcare professionals a training course in dry needling as a diagnostic and treatment modality.

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