General Eligibility Requirements

• Open to all licensed health care practitioners(DC, PT, MHT, MD, NPc, Pac, OT,)whose scope of practice permits the use of dry needling. Proof of license and state ruling required.

• All participants must sign consent forms permitting the other participants to practice and perform dry needling on them and permitting the instructor to demonstrate dry needling on them.

• All participants must sign a waiver absolving the instructor, NUHS as well as any state organizations of any liability in the event of injury.

• All participants must be prepared to dress down to shorts, and women should wear bras with rear closures to facilitate hands-on practice as part of the training.

• In order to attend Level 2, Level 1 must be successfully completed. The program is open to all practitioners


ON-Point Dry Needling program provides 20 CEU’s from NUHS. The program is open to all practitioners (DC, PT, MHT, MD, NPc, Pac, OT,)

OPDN Registration Form for Level I & II

Level I - $995

Level II - $695

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